Board Meeting Minutes – 73/365


Solid ollie practice session at the basketball court this morning. My goal today was to do 100 and I nailed it.  I’m also enjoying the legitimate workout I’m getting from skating.  I need it.  Much more fun than just running on a treadmill and more fun than lifting weights.

Let’s dissect this as if it was a workout, shall we?

I did 10 sets of 10 reps.

On set 7 I started losing my form.  Lucky for me a dog had trotted over to say hi.  He was out for a morning walk, and I chatted with his owner for a bit.  It was a good break.  before hopping back on the board, I stretched my hips a little too.

The break helped big-time.  My last 3 sets were solid.  Good form throughout.

After hitting the 100 ollie mark, I did 3 more because 400 is a nicer number than 397.

July Ollie Count: 400

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