Board Meeting Minutes – 75/365


The dog will definitely turn me into a morning person, and I’m a-ok with it. Got up early this morning to take her outside. Afterward, I went down to the basketball court for a morning ollie session.

On the car ride there, I told myself anything between 50 and 90 is a good goal today. I was shooting for 90 but gave myself that minimum.

Well some part of me got an inch of low-bar and took it a mile. It’s like I gave myself permission to half-ass. I’m not sure what was up exactly, but my first set of 10 was a mess. Maybe 3 sloppy makes? And mistakes I haven’t made in a while!

After the first set, I took a breath and did 10 standing ollies to “clear the mechanism.” Something my dad always told me when I was having a really bad day on the little league pitching mound.

It helped. I did 30 more ollies “successfully” but my legs felt sluggish. Didn’t take long to decide that I’d settle on my minimum goal for the day.

Least ugly ollie I filmed today.

Still got out, and still on track for 1,000 July ollies though. I feel good about that.

July Ollie Count: 460

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