Board Meeting Minutes – 70/365


Nothing glamorous to report today. I had a productive ollie practice session at the basketball court.

I went back and forth between rolling and standing ollies. 10 rolling, 10 standing, 10 rolling, etc. Did that until I hit 90. I noticed I was able to get more height out of my standing ollies, or at least that’s how it felt. While rolling I’m hesitant to narrow my stance, an area for improvement.

As I got tired I started to lose form, so I slowed down and honed my focus in on two things:

  • Snapping the tail for pop
  • And the timing of the front foot drag.

My front foot drag was happening, but a little late in relation to the pop. The result was a big gap between my back foot and the deck. With some focused practice I think I improved that.

Note my front foot.  Right at the peak of the drag I kind of push out and down.  The goal is to only push out (forward).

Some things to consider practicing.

  • Just ride around in a “big ollie” stance. Front foot behind the bolts, back foot as far aft as possible on the tail. Ride around like that. Standing and crouched. Get comfortable with it.
  • Hip mobility. I suspect that my limited hip rotation is limiting my “level out.” I think some more of these will help stretch them out.

Happy with this morning’s session, and it feels good to be back on track with the ollie goal.

July Ollie Count: 258

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