Board Meeting Minutes – 69/365


I had a crazy nightmare last night.  Woke me up from a dead sleep at about 2AM.  After the fear subsided and I started to drift back to sleep, I found myself thinking of the New Britain Bowl.

It was still on my mind when I woke up 4 hours later.  I built up some bowl-riding confidence this past weekend and I wanted to get into this one before that confidence started to waiver.

I warmed up a bit by dropping in to the mini quarter-pipe and did a handful of ollies. Kinda half-assed this “warm up” because I was so eager to drop into the bowl.  I walked around the bottom of the bowl, looking for rocks or anything else that could send me flying… acting as if I knew what I was doing.  There were actually some gnarly beetles crawling around in there, kinda weird.

Finally I dropped in.  Not in the deep end, I still feel the need to work up to that, but the shallow end is about 4-5′ drop. (by the corn) The line I tried is basically all backside carves around the perimeter of the bowl.  Once you make it all the way around, it shoots you back across the middle and the line flips.  Like a figure-eight almost.  After that flip in direction, its all frontside carves… a little more difficult for me.

The bowl last weekend had one small pocket that I would frontside carve in, but it was mostly backside and I could repeat the loop for as long as my legs would allow.  But this morning that frontside carve was tricky, and I couldn’t fully link up the line.  Took a few spills as well (PPE nerds, wear it).  Still very very fun though, and I’m amped up to have progressed to this point so far.

After rolling around in the bowl that was on my mind for so long, I did some more mundane ollie practice.  Counted 15 more, rolling ollies today. “Fundamentals are the basis of fun.” I learned that from a chick-flick I watched with Nia…

I need to get moving on the ollie tally.  We’re about a quarter of the way through July.  If I call on my project engineering training, (or just common sense) that means I should be at 250 by now.  Got some work to do!

July Ollie Count: 168

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