Board Meeting Minutes – 68/365


Our long holiday weekend is over, and boy was it great. After a great night’s sleep I was reminded that I’m not 17 years old. My legs and abs are noticeably sore from the skating this weekend. Basically since I did that 100 ollie “workout” session, my ankles have been stiff.

So I’ve deemed this morning a rest day. Maybe I’ll practice some more ollies in the evening, but this morning I did some relaxing yoga instead of increasing my ollie tally. After a 30 min yoga session I went outside to show my tomato plants some love. Once they were squared away, I carved around the driveway on my surfskate. Taking it realll easy this morning.

I am itching to take what I practiced this weekend to the bowl in Stanley Quarter park though.


I went into the garage to add to my Ollie tally after logging off of work this evening. Did 75 standing and got a good workout in!


July Ollie Count: 153

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