Board Meeting Minutes – 67/365


I went back to that park this morning. We’re driving back up to Hartford this afternoon and I wanted to get another session in that bowl.

I worked my way up to a roll-in ramp in one of the deeper ends. Dropping in on that gave me much more speed… As expected. I really started to get the hang of pumping in the pockets and navigating the walls of this bowl. Super fun, and a total let burner. I was sucking wind.

I also practiced pumping to fakie on a section of the bowl that could be treated as a regular halfpipe… I’ll stick to regular footer riding for now lol.

Carving the bowl was incredibly fun, and incredibly tiring. Before I fully ran out of steam I made sure to practice some ollies as well. I counted 16 to add to my July tally. And I’m pumped about the progress I made riding transition today. Pun intended.

July Ollie Count: 78

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