Board Meeting Minutes – 66/365


As I said, we’re in Point Lookout, NY for the 4th. I got up around 6 today hoping there’d be surf but had low expectations. It’s flat, but I found an awesome skatepark right on the water. Surfin’ concrete waves instead today, bruh.

There was a cool line that I practiced a bit. Drop in on a micro-quarter pipe, roll down a ramp (I was sure to avoid the stairs, ledge, and handrail… Didn’t want to make everyone else look bad…)

Then I cruised into a double roller. The first time I was way off balance and yard saled. But once I got the hang of it it launched you into a U-shaped half-bowl thing. Then that kicked you out to a pimple roller (no idea what to call those things.) And then back up the ramp. Once at the top I’d end my line with an ollie. Did about 10 of them.

After that I approached the reason I wanted to try this park. It has a sick bowl. I was feeling confident after navigating the U-shaped thing so I dropped in. After a few wonky attempts I started to get a feel for pumping the pockets. Super fun, and a hell of a leg workout!

Kookin hard.
Felt like I was so much higher up on this wall.

Overall great session, about an hour long during the quiet morning hours. Good board meeting today.

July Ollie Count: 62

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