Board Meeting Minutes – 27/365


I “paddled out” this morning. Heh, applying surf idioms to my outing without actually surfing is kinda fun.  Here’s another one: “Federal Street was thigh-high with a few good sections if you knew how to link them together.”  I crack myself up… really though, this humor is just a coping mechanism used to fill the void in my soul that opened up ever since COVID kept me out of Rhode Island.  I’m missing the days of 3:30 alarms and sunrise sessions before work.

This morning though, it was pretty cool.  For a second it felt like what I imagine it would feel like to live at a break.  I woke up early, went outside, and “surfed” my neighbor’s driveway inlet…  A “wave” right out my front door!  Granted, there was no salty sea breeze ruffling up palm trees.  No peaceful, rhythmic thumping of waves ebbing and flowing.  Instead, there were robins chirping, and the rhythm of automobiles zooming back and forth on New Britain Ave.  And so like I said, for a brief, brief moment, it felt like I had woken up to a wave right in my backyard.  It was nice.  I did almost get hit by a truck, but it was nice.

My neighbor’s driveway is set up like a sort of bank.  The road is sloped down, then his driveway slopes back up to the garage.  In my head, it was a frontside face prime for a cutback.  At least that’s what I attempted.  So that was my session.  Pump for speed down the street, carve up the driveway, cutback, drop back in and roll a way.  It doesn’t look like much in the video, but it was really, really fun.  And when I decided I had enough, I got that feeling again.  I walked back into my house and for a split second I was getting back from a dawn patrol session, feeling energized and ready for the day.  Feeling like no matter what happens for the rest of the day, it’s a good one because I “surfed” this morning.

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