Board Meeting Minutes – 26/365


Alrighty, Memorial Day weekend on COVID-19 lockdown!  It’s looking like a rainy, lazy Saturday, but luckily it hadn’t started raining when I got up this morning.  I decided to go “surf” again.  I tell ya,  this surfskate thing really is a blast.  I went back to the Goodwin Place Peeler to get some fun turns in.  I also love how much of a workout pumping the thing is!

It was fun to think of the street in terms of wave sections.  Like, I dropped in at the “peak” (top of the hill), did a backside bottom turn (at the far-side curb), pumped back across the “face” (the street, a bit of a stretch),  then did a cutback at the “lip” (a sloped driveway).  There were moments where I really did think I was in the ocean surfing.  Pretty cool how this “toy” can work up the imagination and get the creative juices flowing.

I’m amped, this was a great quarantine purchase.

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