Board Meeting Minutes – 25/365


When I took a shower this morning the soap and hot water got all up in the scab on my ankle. Yes, I’m a man. Yes, I feel pain. Yes, it really freakin’ stung! I still wanted to go ride though, and we’ve been having a beautiful string of spring weather over the last few days. Lucky for wimpy old me, I was able to enjoy a nice, mellow cruise on my surfskate.

I cruised down my street. There’s a road in the neighborhood that’s recently been paved, and has a slight downgrade. This was my wave today. I “caught” a couple rides, pumping my way across the street on an angle. When I got to the curb, or better yet, a driveway apron, I’d make a cutback and pump back across the street. Mind you, this is what was going on in my head. In the onlooker’s perspective I was mostly just spazzing out. Wiggling my hips and shoulders in an attempt to “surf the street.” Problem is, in order to surf the street, one must know how to surf… Whatever, man. Perception is reality, and this morning my perception was an asphalt peeler on which I was “gracefully” working my way down the line. Radical.

I’ve also decided I need to put bigger, softer wheels on my board. While I would like to be able to do sick slides on it, the hard wheels I have now slip a bit to easily. It feels like I need to hold back when pumping at slightly higher speeds because there’s no grip. Yea, I did slide a few times today… but I’d like to be able to go a bit faster.

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