Board Meeting Minutes – 24/365


This pandemic is weird man, I can’t believe we’re already 3 weeks into May. Thankfully the work from home situation leaves me with more free time in the morning. I carved around on the surfskate this morning. I feel like I’m getting the hang of the whole pumping thing. Was even able to pump my way up the slightly graded parking lot I was on. Funny too, I got a text later in the day from my brother. He surfed in Jacksonville this morning and told me it was really good. I was with him in spirit and got some carving in as well!

Then I proceeded to have a frustrating day at work. 8 hours of banging my head against the wall trying to debug a stupid script I wrote. It was supposed to make my life easier… So after that I went out to skate some more. I practiced ollies on the popsicle stick deck and really need to practice the whole “drag your foot up” thing.

I do a pretty good job of it but I need to flex my ankle more or something. I keep hitting the nose with the side of my ankle and drew blood today. So, maybe the pain will accelerate my learning… Hopefully…

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