Board Meeting Minutes – 28/365


Happy Memorial Day. I’m just about to get the smoker going so Nia and I can give “beer can chicken” a go. Before that though, I practiced heelflips for a while. Feels like I got closer today, though I didn’t make one. I learned that if I place my front foot so that my toe is lined up with the edge, instead of hanging over it, I was able to flick the trick better. So that’s the footing I’m gonna roll with.

Got one to level out.
Justtt barely got my foot on the deck

I had a few attempts where I was able to almost come down with my front foot on the deck. Also, I popped one attempt really high and it felt sick. I had NO chance at landing it but was awesome to see the board do what it’s supposed to when properly flicked. I hope with enough practice I can land one like that one day.

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