Board Meeting Minutes -11/365


It’s a beautiful morning and I am psyched to have dragged myself out of bed early.  Got up, did some old man mobility work, then went to the basketball court.  It was nice and dry, and I got in a good little practice session. Maybe about half an hour.

Thought I was getting good at ollies but man once there’s an obstacle and a mental element to it all that muscle memory went out the window for me.  I tried to clear a shoe box and it just wasn’t happening.  Got it once and that was enough for me, then I just practiced some more.

I was determined to progress on heel flips today, and I think I did? Feels like I did anyway.  I kinda scrapped the whole land with your front foot off and was just going for both.  I ended up landing with my back foot on once or twice!  Freakin’ hard man.

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