Board Meeting Minutes – 10/365


Slept like poo last night, but I still got out at 7:15 to go to the basketball court. Later than I wanted, but made it nonetheless. It’s a clear, damp morning. The court pavement was still wet, so after a few minutes so was my grip tape. I’m really getting comfortable with ollies and it feels good, still curious what they would feel like on a regular board shape with a full nose.

I feel like I got closer to heel flips too. Spent the second half of the session practicing those.  I’m focusing on kicking off the nose more so that it levels out.  Got better at that today.  The YouTube tutorial I’m following says once you get that, the next thing is to step your back foot off, and try to land with one foot (front foot) on the board.  This’ll hopefully keep me over the board, because lately it’s been landing out in front of me.  At least the still shots look kinda sick!

Towards the end I started to feel my age. On a few attempts when I kicked my foot out to flip the board, I felt a tweak in the back of my knee. One of those two stringy ligaments that connect to my hamstring. Just a gentle reminder that some mobility work once in a while couldn’t hurt. I like this, though. Snowboarding, Skating, Surfing… they are all reasons to stay in shape for me, and they keep me in tune with my body… better than my other reason which was: stay alive so I can continue working my sedentary desk job that is actually the cause of most of my body’s deterioration. Anyway, felt good to move this morning, felt good to glide around.

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