Board Meeting Minutes – 12/365


Had some fun today! I spent about an hour at the basketball court.  I warmed up with some ollies and was feeling good. I wanted to get right into heel flip attempts.  I spent a while practicing. I felt like I was getting close? Just couldn’t land one! It was a little frustrating.   I tried rolling in with a little more speed… kinda helped but I still could’t get one down.  I think I was just mentally having a hard time committing to landing with both feet on the board. 

On a handful of attempts, I was able to “catch” the board with my back foot, barely.  Most of the time though, I couldn’t keep both feet in the air long enough to let the board flip.

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After failing again to land a heel flip, I wanted to end on something fun.  I got some speed and started trying frontside carves/slides. It was sick.  Then it started snowing!?!?

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