Board Meeting Minutes – 4/365


This morning I presented at a technical design review. It was stressful but went well, the sleep I lost over it last night wasn’t worth it, which is usually the case. I presented the results from over a year’s worth of work and was happy to get it across the finish line.

After that I determined I deserved a break.  It was rainy again this morning, but there was a break in the rain this afternoon.  I went to a local skate park that has remained open during COVID-19, under the condition that everyone there stays 6 feet apart.  Every time I go to this place I’m nervous about other people being there.  It bugs me that I let that get to me, but it is what it is.  There were two other guys there, waiting on some friends.

I just started rolling around, I figured standing around waiting would just make me feel more awkward.  There’s a concrete hip/bank thing at this park.  The last time I was there I just kinda went barreling toward it with a lot of speed and no plan… It sent me flying and I actually tweaked my wrist.  Luckily I didn’t break it.

So today my goal was to attack this hip with a plan.  The plan was to roll up to it and try a backside carve around this thing.  I rode around the park a little, pumping over a couple fun rollers they have.  Then I went for this hip.  I was able to work my way up and start carving around it, getting decently high on the 4 ft. wall!

This felt good, and built up some confidence.  I rode around it some more, dropped in on a little 3 ft quarter pipe… then meandered down to the sick bowl they have at this park, which is what I’m really wanting to work up to.  I messed around at the bottom, trying to bring some of what I just practiced on the hip into it, but was hesitant to drop in.  the bowl varies in depth.  As I was messing around, another guy came over and told me he had just learned how to do it the other day.  He told me if i could drop in on the little quarter on the other side of the park, I could drop in to the lower end of this bowl.  It was about 5 feet.  He was right! So I ended off dropping in a few times, and then not knowing what the heck to do in the bowl once I did.

It was a fun, easy session, no falls which felt nice.  It was super fun to just cruise around on the smooth concrete.

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