Board Meeting Minutes – 5/365


I got up around 7 this morning and it was beautiful out.  I headed to the skate park secretly hoping it would be empty.  To my luck it was… kinda.  I arrived and started sweeping dirt and rocks off of the little quarter pipe I planned to ride.  Shortly after I got there another guy arrived, slowly kinda meandered his way up to the park.  He didn’t have a board, he just kinda loitered, munching on something out of a bag.  Trail mix maybe.  I felt awkward as he hovered around the picnic table where my phone and GoPro were.  Said “good morning” to him but he didn’t look my way or acknowledge me. I kept sweeping, and felt a little ashamed that I felt the need to keep checking on my stuff out of the corner of my eye.  After a while he meandered off. Idk what life is like for that dude.

I dropped in to the quarter pipe and wanted to carve that hip/bank thing again.  I practiced this for a bit and enjoyed rolling around.  I was able to carry some speed through the bank! I was really focusing on the whole “look where you’re going thing”, makes a big difference. Landed a few ollies too.  I tried to get fancy on the quarter pipe and do idk what, a backside carve I guess.  I ended up tweaking my other wrist…

Later on a couple dads arrived with their kids, there was a fun vibe throughout the park.  One of the dads said something to his kid.  

“You know what they say: Put a bucket on your brain or your brain’ll be in a bucket.”

I felt kinda like an idiot standing there with no real reason not to be wearing a helmet. So I’ve decided not to let myself go back to the park until I buy myself a brain-bucket.  There’s just no reason, and I’ve already had my fair share of concussions.  Wrist braces too.  I’ve been to this park 3 times and tweaked my wrist twice… if i’m gonna do this every day for a year I need to protect me bones.


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