Daily Board Meeting Minutes – 3/365


The weather was wet all day today.  Logged in for work from 8-4.  Took a break at 4 to go ride my skateboard.  Felt kinda dumb today.  Like “this is dumb, why are you doing it? you should be more productive at work” That happens to me a lot with me, and its a big reason why I decided to commit to this exercise.

So I went to the elementary school parking lot.  There was a police officer parked there.  I didn’t know why but didn’t want any social distancing trouble either. After contemplating going home,  I found a different empty parking lot.  Only a few people out walking and two little kids riding bikes with their mom, so the self-consciousness bully didn’t have much to say.

I rode around and practiced ollies again.  Landing about half of my attempts. Not bad.  The asphalt was still a little damp from all the rain earlier, which meant my grip tape eventually got slick.  I forgot how tricky/different the board feels without full grip.

I got ambitious and decided to try to ollie up a curb.  In only a handful of attempts I made it! Amped about that!  To be able to consistently ollie up a curb is something I’m working towards.


I did take a couple tiny falls today too.  The hard asphalt on the way down approached me at the same rate as age 30, and the impact made sure to remind me.


The parking lot I was in is at a high school.  There were still a bunch of cones lined up in the pick-up/drop-off lane.  After deciding I was done leaving the ground for the day, I thought those cones would make for a sick slalom! I carved my way through a few times and called it a day.  Happy I got on the board.

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