Daily Board Meeting Minutes – 2/365


I wanted to get up early this morning and skate, but my bed was just wayyyy too cozy.  I went through the work day, and logged off just before 6.  I had some time between now and dinner with Nia, so I hopped on my board and rode down the street.

I wanted to get some good turns in.  There’s a mellow hill a block away from my house.  I took a few runs down that, not bombing by any means.  I got down in a real tight crouch, grabbed the rail, and did some smooth, tight turns down this hill.  Those few runs were super fun, especially since snowboard season was cut short and the beaches in Rhode Island are closed.

After riding home I messed around in the garage for a little.  I worked on my heelside kick turns, which for some reason are much harder for me than toeside.

No photos or video today, oh well.

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