Daily Board Meeting Minutes – 1/365


Mid-day.  Throughout this quarantine I have had issues on and off with my VPN network connection for work.  Today was particularly slow.  I decided to re-arrange my work schedule.  Take the middle of the day off, and log back on around 3 pm.

The weather was nice, almost pleasant.  About 50 degrees, partly sunny, and a little breezy.  At 10:30 I decided to go skate.

There’s an elementary school in my neighborhood that’s been closed due to COVID-19.  The parking lot there is where I’ve been going to practice rolling ollies.  I went there.  I had already ollied over the hi-top shoe, and wanted to work on my consistency and height.  I practiced by clearing the box said shoes came in.

After warming up for a few min, I put the box down.  To my delight I cleared it in only a handful of tries!  What I’d really like is to get my consistency locked in.

After watching some slo-mo videos I started to wonder if I could get more height with a traditional board shape.  The board I have is wide with an old school shape, which makes it super fun to carve.  I’m wondering though, if more of a nose pocket would help improve my ollie height.

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