Board Meeting Minutes – 171/365


No park today, it’s actually freakin freezing here in the desert. After breakfast and an errand with Nia’s dad, I had an ollie practice session on Natty’s patio in the back yard.

I feel like ollies, at least standing ollies, have not eluded me. So it was nice to practice and just methodically go through the motions.

A couple days ago Natty was telling us about her neighbor James, the geologist. After a bunch of ollies I heard a voice from the other side of the fence.

“You’re pretty good on that thing, my grandson has one too. I thought you were chopping wood or something.”

There was an old man’s face peeking through the hedges. I said hello and we exchanged small talk about our plans for Christmas.

After a bit I wished him a merry Christmas got back to it. I tried some heelflips as well. To my delight, I haven’t lost much in terms of progress there. The muscle memory didn’t take long to kick in.

I didn’t make any, but I was getting almost as close as I would this past summer. Its been really refreshing to get back in the board these past couple days.

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