Board Meeting Minutes – 163-165/365


So I’ve been in a gnarly funk over the past two weeks. My drive to ride every day consecutively seemed to diminish as rapidly as the temps dropped. I’ve been having a real hard time getting out of bed early to skate in the cold, and by the time I log off of work, there’s really no energy left to go skate. Bums me out a bit, but what I’ve learned is that I needed a break.

I needed a dose of rest. So that’s what I gave myself. This “mission” isn’t do or die, it’s fun. And I mustered up the energy for 2 quick sessions, and what I have now deemed an “honorable session.”

The rest of the time I spent listening to my body and trying to give it what it was trying to ask for by making me feel exhausted and mentally/emotionally drained all. the. time.

Session 163

10/31/20, Halloween.

We spent it differently this year due to the pandemic. No bar crawl with a costume contest for Nia and I to crush (our couples costumes have been pretty dope).

Instead we went to my Aunt’s cabin near the Poconos and enjoyed some peace and quiet for a weekend. On Saturday, mid-day. The roads dried up enough after the rain for me to go cruise on my surfskate.

Session 164


The “honorary” session. My splitboard and bindings came in the mail, so I spent some time in the afternoon assembling them and getting a little hyped for the snow. Good election stress relief.

Session 165


It warmed up this week, and just after dusk I cruised down the hill on my surfskate. I went to the Florence street hill and carved it up a couple times. Not much, but it felt great to move again. I don’t feel entirely back in the saddle, but have been thinking about this a bit.

I want to prioritize snowboarding and surfing in the winter. I understand that it’s difficult to make these happen every day. On days I can’t, I’ll try my best to squeeze some skating in if it’s warm enough. Otherwise, no sweat.

That’s where I’m at right now.

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