Board Meeting Minutes – 162/365


My pride was still hurting yesterday and I had a hike planned with some coworkers that took up all of the morning and some of the afternoon. On top of letting the negative vibes in the lineup get to me, I felt a tinge of guilt for leaving Nia both mornings this weekend.

Today I was not up early, caught up on some sleep as we both had trouble getting out of bed. After working all day and making a quick dinner, I went for a surfskate cruise just in time to catch the last bit of daylight.

Nia is volunteering at the dog shelter, as she does every other Monday, so I am alone with my thoughts. I rode down to the hill on Florence st. for some carving meditation. It was only ten minutes or so, really not much. I took a handful of runs down this short hill, focused hard on every carve. Biasing my weight over my back foot, remembering how it felt to wipe out on a perfect wave. One that I don’t have the opportunity to surf very often.

As I zig-zagged my way down the street some more of that embarrassment came up. I observed it, carved backside, observed it, carved frontside, and back and forth.

The daylight ran out pretty quick and I rode home. Neither fun nor unpleasant, just peaceful.

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