Board Meeting Minutes – 142/365


No board meeting yesterday. Nia and I are spending the weekend in Block Island, so we spent the day traveling here and catching up with our pals once we did get here.

I brought my surfskate though, and I’ve been checking the surf surf forecast as well. The Atlantic has gone quiet, so it’s not looking like I’ll rent a surfboard while here. The quiet, winding streets here made for a perfect morning cruise though.

I was eyeing them up yesterday as we walked around. I had my eye on one long, straight hill as we walked by.

That’s where I went this morning. I cruised on over to Connecticut Ave. Unfortunately it was underwhelming. While it had a lot of potential, what I missed from afar yesterday was the roughness of the pavement. It wasn’t as smooth as the other main roads.

I rolled down it nonetheless, wanted to at least try. But I kept looking for a nicer hill. It didn’t take too long to find one.

This smooth, mellow hill let gravity pull me all the way down to the shore. And after turning the bend it gave me a view of the ocean along the way. Wish I took more pics but was constantly keeping an eye out for cars.

This road looped back to our Inn where I met the crew. We’re now getting ready for some breakfast and a walk down to the bluffs.

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