Board Meeting Minutes – 78/365


Yesterday in the bowl I noticed one area where I need practice with frontside carves.  Overcoming that “falling backwards” feeling.  Today I was thinking, ok after that what’s next?

After re-watching the videos of myself I noticed that the frontside pockets were where I was losing speed, while I was able to pump for speed going backside.  Yesterday I was able to improve on my body position relative to the wall.  However, this body position is foreign to me.  Imagine twisting your spine as far to one side as you can go, and then squatting down.

Now in this uncomfortable position, turn your self on your side.  You are now on a wall and if you lose your balance you eat shit.

Getting used to this movement is going to require some practice, preferably in a situation with less consequences.  Enter the surfskate.

My idea was to find a relatively flat chunk of pavement and pump around in a circle. This was pretty clutch for three reasons.

One,  it allowed me to practice contorting my body in a twisted crouch without the need to divert focus or energy resisting the “fall-off-chair” sensation.


Two, I am able to practice pumping out of that position without diverting focus on my alignment and timing in the pocket of a bowl.

And three, it gave me a feel for where my nearly 30 year old body is limiting me.  My hips and my T-spine can use some foam rolling and mobility training!

So, my hypothesis is that I can use the surf-skate to practice the movement of a frontside pump until it becomes muscle memory.  Once it does, I can carry it over into the bowl and link up that line I’ve been working on.

That was a fun little break from ollie practice.  Something to look forward to after put in some more work towards the July Ollie Count.

July Ollie Count: 560

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