Board Meeting Minutes – 77/365


I went back to the New Britain bowl this morning for an early session.  Decided to take a break from ollies today and have fun pumping my way through transition while keeping my board on the ground.

My intent was to practice frontside carves, and I am happy to report some improvement. I found I was resisting that “fall backward off a chair” feeling that is inherent to frontside carves.

To really get moving around the pocket of the bowl, I had to get by body perpendicular to the wall.  Doing this on purpose triggers that “oh shit I’m falling down” feeling.

With some practice, I was able to overcome my natural reaction to resist that.  Once I let go of the need to be perpendicular with gravity’s pull, I was able to get perpendicular with my own centripetal force.

This surprised me.  One, I thought I was destined to fall backward and crack my skull. (Don’t worry Nia, was wearing my helmet)

Two, once I didn’t fall I was confused and also coming at the next pocket really fast.

Experiencing this sensation for the first couple times was foreign, but once I leaned into the feeling both literally and figuratively, the fun began.

I was able to see the line I’ve envisioned start to manifest, and that was really cool.

July Ollie Count: 560

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