Board Meeting Minutes – 63/365


I have a goal for July.  This just popped into my head now as I think about what to write about this morning’s session.  My goal is to do 1,000 ollies before the month ends.  It’s kind of a soft goal, but it is within reach.  Rolling or standing ollies both count.  Makes and misses both count, as long as the miss is relatively close. For example: good pop, good level-out, both feet down on board.  If I need to hop off the board and can’t roll away, no worries.  It’s practice.

Yesterday I did 100 standing ollies, but that was technically in June so it doesn’t count.  This morning I went down to the basketball court to practice some rolling ones.  After my first few I thought “do 50.”

So that was my session this morning.  And to my delight I think over 40 of the attempts were full makes.  I took a video of my last 10 attempts. Intended to cut it up and put it here but Google Photos is taking its sweet ass time processing the video and I can’t download it.  Sorry, no video, maybe later…

Afterwards I rewarded myself with a few carves on the surfskate 🙂

July Ollie Count: 52

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