Board Meeting Minutes – 62/365


Yesterday I caved to my temptations.  Surfing is an addiction. For real. Because of this I started to stray from my goal of learning heel- and kick-flips.  I had been avoiding the work of building a strong, foundational ollie.

Not today though.  I did not succumb to ruse of Benthesikyme today.  I firmly grounded myself back in reality, accepting this fact of the matter:  I do not live in a coastal surf community.  I am not a local at my favorite breaks.  Repeat after me:

I am not a local. I am a kook.

I am not a local. I am a kook.

I am not a local. I am a kook.

After accepting this reality, I began my repentance. 100 ollies. The rain was falling yet again.  With the garage door open there was a slightly pleasant breeze, but it was no match for the humidity.  Around ollie number 34 I was in a puddle of my own sweat.  My heart was racing.  This was a good workout!

Here’s a video of my workout set to a super-righteous christian song about repenting sins.  I really hope this moves viewers and touches their hearts. Rad.

Too much? Yea, I think so… Remember kids, Jesus is the way.


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