Board Meeting Minutes – 57/365


I got up early to go “surf” today.  Surfed the wave across the street for a while.  It was cool to focus on the motions without having to wait around for waves, only to miss one because of my noodle-arms… need to start doing pullups again.  I’d hate for all this carving and pumping practice to just float around because I can’t catch a wave when I finally can make it to a beach again.

But this morning was a good session.  The setup of my neighbor’s driveway in conjunction with the slope  of the street allows me to pump my way across the street as if it’s a wave face.  Then bottom turn into the driveway, then frontside cutback.  I did that line over and over again.  Pump, pump, bottom turn, cutback.

I had my GoPro setup and thought it was recording, it was not… maybe next time.

After a few rides there, I cruised down to Goodwin Place.  This street is cool because you can practice frontside or backside maneuvers. It has a gentle slope to work with while you pump, and plenty of driveway inlets for cutbacks.  My backside cutback ability is on the level of non-existent, so I look forward to practicing there more.

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