Board Meeting Minutes – 41/365


I came to the basketball court today with the intention of practicing heelflips. So usually I’d warm up by rolling around a bit, then practicing some ollies, then finally jumping into heelflips.

Today I rolled around, and after a few ollie attempts I felt like: “these can be better, I have work to do and that might actually help with heelflips.” I noticed I wasn’t really popping my ollies into the air. I wasn’t getting that crisp snap you hear when the tail bounces off the ground. So I broke it down (been watching a lot of Braille Skateboarding tutorials).

I focused only on the ankle motion involved in snapping the tail… And frankly must’ve looked like a moron to onlookers.

The board gets pretty high with a flick of the ankle!

But I think the emphasis on this did help!!

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