Board Meeting Minutes – 35-36/365

6/1/20 – 6/2/20

The past few days have been surreal and heavy. I didn’t document my ride yesterday, my heart was feeling heavy after soaking in the reality of the pain in our nation. Instead I channeled my energy into writing this essay before going for a cruise on my surfskate to clear my head.

Today the heaviness continues. Before, during, and after my 30 min garage session I am filled with thoughts of: “what the hell are you doing trying to learn to skate? You’re a grown-ass man, there are bigger fish to fry and there are people suffering.” Frankly I don’t really know what to do with those feelings other than let them run their course, and channel their energy into something constructive. So here’s a clip of my closest attempt to heelflip today:

Also, buried under that heaviness is a small semblance of gratitude and joy. I’m happy to be 10% of the way to a year of daily board riding. 36 out of 365 days. In addition to everything I am feeling, that feels good.

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