Board Meeting Minutes – 33/365


I woke up this morning itching to go practice heelflips again.  Yesterday’s progress had me wanting more.  I got to the basketball court with a noticeable amount of confidence and got right into it.  Warmed up with a number of ollies and then got right into it.  And then, BOOM, first try: none of the progress carried over from yesterday… I guess I’m a dreamer for hoping it would.

I practiced a few standing flips again, but didn’t feel the same consist ability of coming down with my front foot on the board.  I really felt that yesterday I started to get it dialed.  No big deal, just more practice.  I still feel really close, and noticed something else.  The board seems to level out better when I do rolling attempts vs. standing.  However on my standing attempts, I’m able to keep my center of gravity over the board (relatively).  The board tends to fly out in front of me on rolling attempts though.  I guess with practice this will come through.  Here’s a montage of miss clips.

Towards the end I started to get tired, and bored of missing the trick.  I went for a frontside 180 and to my surprise got way closer than I thought I would!

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