Board Meeting Minutes – 31/365


I didn’t write about it right away, but I’m amped to have ridden a [skate] board every day for a full calendar month.  Today I took a 15 min break from work to go “surf” the “right-hander” across the street.  I got some pretty fun cutbacks in, but found that my current wheel hardness had me sliding a bit too easily.  I’ll be salvaging some soft wheels off of my old long board this weekend.  They should fit, diameter-wise.  If they don’t, I’ve got my eye on a set of wheels from Santa Cruz that would look sick with the American Nomad deck I have.

Over the past month I’ve mostly just gotten comfortable on a skateboard again.  I’ve ollied over a shoe box, unintentionally and intentionally slid, dropped in to a ~5′ quarter pipe, carved around a bank, learned to pump/carve on a surf-skate, and am getting closer and closer to that damn heel flip.  I must say though, carving on that surf-skate just takes the cake.  It’s lower impact for my 29 year old body, and challenging enough without the board leaving the ground.  I still do very much want to learn to kickflip, that would be so sick.  But on the day’s where I just feel like cruising, I’m glad to have variety in the quiver.

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