Board Meeting Minutes – 30/365


It was a beautiful day all day today.  Been feeling pretty meh all week. The meh feeling continued throughout the day as I looked out the window and didn’t skate.  I wanted to go in the morning but didn’t get up.  I’m glad I ended up getting out later that evening, around 7:30.  Cruising around on the surfskate at the “golden hour” of the day was relaxing.  It eased away a lot of the pandemic induced stress, especially because I have been extremely antsy about going actual surfing.  I haven’t paddled out since March, which bums me out because we now all of a sudden have tons of free time.

The highlight of my cruise was discovering another driveway inlet.  My neighbor’s across the street is a good “frontside” face, but this one I found down the block makes for a decent “backside” face.  I carved it up for a bit, noticing that I have a lot more difficulty pumping heel side.

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