Board Meeting Minutes – 159-160/365


Feeling like I’m in a bit of a lull. Been having trouble sleeping lately, and thus having trouble getting up in the morning to go skate. This usually happens to me this time of year, and I’m trying to just gracefully let it be. I am upset though, I haven’t beem feeling as much momentum with the “board every day” thing lately.

I haven’t been giving as much time to journaling this project of mine as I’d like, as well.

That said, I remembered back to my goal when I started this endeavor. 15 min of boarding and 15 min of writing per day.

I’m addicted to the progression I’ve been making on a skateboard, so my recent sessions have been evolving into hour plus endeavors, complete with 15-20 minutes of round trip driving to the park.

So I reluctantly retreated back to my 15 min goal on Tuesday. Monday was rainy so I didn’t make it out, and wasn’t feeling a garage session. I regretted that and hit the garage on Tuesday.

Worked on ollies and heelflips, and really like the way I’m building the “forward weight shift” motion.

Weight shift = less back foot gap and cleaner leveling out.

Wednesday I didn’t skate, but I balance boarded for a few min. Didn’t make it all 15, but also trying not to beat the shit out of myself for it.

Don’t know if I’ll get out today. Need to finish a freelance article, I got up at 6 this morning to work on it for 2 hours before logging in to my real job. And as I was writing this I got an invite to join my brother and sister for a video chat this evening, which I felt guilty to turn down. Especially because my brother has so much to celebrate recently.

Feeling overwhelmed this week. Feels like something’s gotta give, and I’m reluctant to decide on what.

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