Board Meeting Minutes – 155/365


It rained allllllllll day yesterday. First time it’s done that in a while. Usually I can wait for it to dry up after a shower or get out and skate before the rain starts, but not yesterday. I thought about a garage session but it didn’t happen. oh well.

It was dry today though, and this morning I got up to practice more backside slash grinds. I felt some good progress this morning too, which has me pumped.

I got to the Newington Park around 7:30. It was way less crowded than the last time I was there… i.e. it was empty. Great time to practice, and I wasn’t too shy to film myself either.

It didn’t take me too long to get the feel for it, and after a while I was getting them almost as consistently as I liked. I’m hyped to be getting them on the quarter-pipe/wallride thing though. Makes my line feel so much more legit and fun.

I was also working on them on the regular quarter pipe coping. It felt good to be able to get it on both ramps.

Definitely want to keep practicing these, but I’m also feeling the urge to learn a new trick. Either backside 50-50s or start working on my frontside ramp fundamentals… kickturns and slash grinds. I’m leaning towards frontside stuff. I want my frontside skillset to at least catch up to my backside before moving up to 50-50s.

So that means start working on frontside kickturns and eventually up to frontside slash grinds. Which would be sick. Definitely want to keep practicing the backside ones too though, they’re not quite on lock yet.

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