Board Meeting Minutes – 153/365


Been struggling to get out of bed lately, yesterday morning was no exception. Nia and I had plans to meet up with some family for apple picking, a brewery stop, and a tour of Orange County Choppers. I wanted to get up early and hit the skate park before we needed to hit the road at 10.

I rolled out of bed around 8:30 and Maggie still needed a walk. Moving slowly, I was eventually dressed and walking out the door with her at 8:45. Along the walk, I was thinking of what we needed to do before hitting the road. Showering, getting ready, etc. The morning routine that has slipped away during this “work from home” chapter of my life during a Pandemic.

This led to the groundbreaking realization that I would not have time to enjoy the skatepark. Oh well, no biggie. Should’ve gotten up. I was dressed for skating though, so when I got back with Maggie I grabbed my board and decided to practice some ollies and heelflips in the driveway.

Pretty satisfied with my ability to remember how to ollie. It actually felt as if some time off helped me break some bad timing habits I had. That, or the fact that I needed to be more deliberate with my focus. Either way, my pop was still good and so was my timing.

Heelflips… regressed a bit. Still need practice lol. Pop and flick was alright, but still have a ways to go before getting comfortable committing my feet to the deck instead of the ground.

After that quick little session during the time I would’ve spent just driving to and from the park, I had time to get ready with Nia, journal my sessions from the days prior, and hit the road for what would be a very enjoyable day.

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