Board Meeting Minutes – 151/365


It barely counts but I’m counting the “session” I had on Friday afternoon. Nia and I had taken Maggie for an evening walk and she was on edge. We took her for quick walks throughout the day, but not enough to expel her energy.

When she gets hyped, she won’t stop barking. Usually she’ll bark at a squirrel or dog and then stop. But today, after seeing a few squirrels, and then another dog, she wouldn’t shut up. So we cut her walk short but still needed to get that energy out.

In came my bright idea. I grabbed my surfskate out of the trunk and wanted to see if she’d run along side me as I rode.


She was more so just trying to run away than with. I think she might get the hang of it with some more practice on flat ground, instead of the hill in our driveway. Worth a shot, maybe….

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