Board Meeting Minutes – 129/365


Slept in this morning to catch up on the sleep I missed out on yesterday while surfing.

It was a little cooler today, I went to the New Britain park around 6 pm hoping it wasn’t too too crowded.

I wish I didn’t mind the crowds, but I still kinda do. Working on getting over that.

I warmed up with 10 ollies, then dropped into the bowl. I guess what’s nice is that none of the other skaters were using the bowl. So I was able to ride there comfortably, but it also kept me from practicing ollies.

I carved the bowl a bit and shared it with a really talented BMX rider. I think I ended up in the background of a video his buddy shot. Just standing there like a dork.

Whatevs, I committed to ollie practice so I did about 20 more before what was left of my confidence vanished.

I noticed my timing was a little better, and if I keep my front foot about 2″ behind the bolts I snap them way better. I want to get comfortable with that foot positioning.

After ollies I rode the bowl a bit more and worked on getting that 50-50. I had a couple of attempts with both trucks locked on for a split second.

I did actually slide a bit, but still wasn’t able to fully commit my front shoulder to dropping back in. Did get closer though! And I think the shoulder is all there is to it.

There were some extremely good skaters at the park, and it was fun to watch them after setting my ego aside.

Pretty behind on the ollie goal, and there are 6 tropical systems in the Atlantic right now. I might bail on this goal and focus more on surfing…

September Rolling Ollies: 154

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