Board Meeting Minutes – 127/365


I slept in hard today and it was glorious. We didn’t get out of bed until noon and for the first labor day weekend in a while we don’t have anything to do or anywhere to go.

We lounged pretty much all day, except for about a 1.5 hour stint where I finished up a freelance writing assignment. I got a gig writing “how-to” articles for a fingerboarding website. Random and I love it.

Before dinner, I made my way over to the New Britain Park to get a few rides in the bowl while Nia went to pick up our take-out.

The park was pretty crowded, and while I definitely prefer going early to avoid the crowds, I didn’t feel quite as awkward being there. I shared the bowl with a bunch of kids on their scooters, but no one else was skating it.

It was awesome to be able to just drop in for 15 minutes and carve up the bowl for a bit.

September Rolling Ollies: 124

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