Board Meeting Minutes – 54/365


The YouTube video below came up in my feed today.  The “do’s and don’ts” of surf-skate training.  At about 01:38 I was laughing out loud.  I found myself guilty of “the poo man wiggle.

He then explains that the wiggle, while effective for building speed on flat ground, does not carry over directly to surfing… “it is only poo.”  To get the feel for actual wave riding it would be most effective to do this on a banked surface.

Lucky for me Stanley Quarter park has just the bank.  I went there at last light today and the park was still pretty crowded.  Full of kids 10 years younger than me and light years better at skating.  So I felt like that dumb old guy… because I was.

BUT. The “wave” is workable.  I left the park very excited to go back the next morning and avoid the crowd.

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