Board Meeting Minutes – 52/365


Happy International Surfing Day!

I forgot this was a thing until late yesterday.  It’s also been a struggle to follow the Rhode Island travel regulations, but have been doing my part.  So, as of today, non-work travelers to RI must self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.  It’d be pretty tough to squeeze a 14 day quarantine into a 5 hour day trip to the beach…. so, I couldn’t go surfing today……… in the ocean.

These surf adapters I bought have honestly been the coolest thing.  I spent some time today “surfing” down the street from my place.  The Goodwin Place Peeler.  I was able to link some solid turns together!

The stinkin’ Slimeballs finally look and feel broken in.  At least just the back wheels.  The fronts don’t really slide when I kick out the tail (kinda the point of the surf adapters)… so I think next time I ride I’ll rotate the tires beforehand so the wheels break in evenly.  Will probs have to do that every so often.

Fun one today!

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