Board Meeting Minutes – 49/365


Fun one today.  Earlier this week I was talking to my brother about where we could find “a wave” in town while we were together.  I gave it some thought, and remembered that there was this interesting kind of driveway entrance setup at the town pool we both used to work at.  When I told him his face lit up as he remembered what I was talking about.  So the plan was to go try to ride this in the morning on Wednesday.

So Wednesday morning came and we got up.  Steve’s a bit more of an early bird than me, so he was getting back from a morning jog by the time I was up.  “Dude its firing!” he said, suggesting that he had passed by “the wave” on his run.  We grabbed the board and drove down there, he had his camera rolling with the intent to make a short little mock-umentary…. this is the style of filming you gotta resort to when your riding skills are mediocre at best.

So that’s what we did, spent about an hour trying to figure out the best way to approach this beat up driveway/bank thing outside of the place we used to work in high-school.  I gotta say too, once we figured out how to attack it, it really did feel like dropping in on a waist/chest high left-hander.  Steve said he’s going to mess around with the footage on his day off next week to put something together.


UPDATE – 06/23/20

Steve just sent me the edit, it’s gold:

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