Board Meeting Minutes – 45/365


It’s not time to go into detail about what happened yesterday just yet. Not here. What I will share is that I definitely needed a board meeting today.

So I decided to test out my new “wheel break in protocol.” While also holding myself accountable to my new amended safety practices. Looking like a dork with my PPE on, my goal was to properly break in these stupid wheels.


Note the shiny wheel surface of the wheel in the image below. What I’ve learned is that this will NOT grip very well.

I rolled up and down the street at a pace that would piss you off if you were stuck behind me in traffic. Then I eased into some gentle, wide sweeping ‘S’ turns. After a few minutes of that I started to pump the surfskate timidly, then got a little more comfy. I was only at this for about 20 minutes. After that I started to see some texture in the wheels, but I don’t think I’m quite there yet.

After reading the internet and talking to a longboard buddy, there was mention of “standies.” I had no idea what the hell that meant… “Standing slide.” So like stopping a snowboard.

Once I get comfortable pumping the board on these guys I’ll be able to slowly build back the confidence to go for some of those. Until then, the scabs on my hands hurt and my wrists are sore… So I’m going to be a baby and ease back into things.

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