Board Meeting Minutes – 20/365


Today was another beaut. Nia and I played 9 holes this morning in New Britain. It was really fun to walk the course and play, just me and her. Afterwards we crushed some Five Guys on our patio. Love a good burger after a round of golf.

After lunch I went to the Cutting Edge to get a new board. I’ve been curious about ollie-ing on a regular shaped board, and also feel like a 10.5 inch wide board is hard to flip. So I was pretty pumped to get a regular shaped Almost deck. 8.5″ wide. I’m pumped to have a new addition to the quiver, especially once the Waterborne adapters come in for my American Nomad deck.


After setting up the new board, I took it for a spin. I went up to the mall nearby to pick up more takeout for dinner. The plan was to head back to the super smooth basketball court, but the mall parking lot was so empty. I just grabbed the Panera and then cruised around the parking lot. It’s definitely a different ride, the American Nomad setup is super fun for carving and just riding around. However, the regular deck is so much easier to ollie!

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