Board Meeting Minutes – 17/365


Quarantine slash social isolation had been getting to me lately. After logging off today, a friend stopped by for a “social distance” beer. Raised my spirits quite a bit. After he left I went for a cruise down my hill. Man was that all I needed. I’ve been getting the hang of power sliding. And by “getting the hang of it” I mean I can initiate one, but not roll out of it. Super fun though, I carved up the hill down the street for a bit and it put a smile on my face.

In the spirit of carving, I ordered some adapters from Waterborne Skateboards. I’m going to throw those on this deck and see how it feels, supposedly they make the board move like a surfboard. That’ll be sick. Then I’ll get a typical popsicle stick deck for ollies and learning flip tricks. Would love to land a freakin’ kickflip before I turn 30.

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