Board Meeting Minutes – 14/365


Dang, I’m a little proud of myself!  Two weeks on a board! It’s Monday morning, and I woke up with an acute case of the Mondays.  I didn’t feel like getting on my board, and frankly I was frustrated at my constantly failed attempts to land a heel flip.  I didn’t want to go back to the basketball court and continue failing, and falling.  Both my wrists hurt, I slammed my knee yesterday, the day before that I slammed the board on my toe.  I just wasn’t feeling it this morning, I wanted to be a sore old man.

After snoozing my alarm for a while, I got up and started going about my morning.  After having a shower, I checked the weather, thinking maybe I can pull myself together and go out this afternoon.  Rain.  Starting later this morning and going all day.  So something clicked: I don’t need to land a heel flip today.  Yea, it would be sick, but it feels like a bit of a high standard to hold myself to.  I started this two weeks ago and I already expect myself to have learned and perfected something really freakin’ hard?

No way. That’s exactly what this is about.  It’s why I’m doing it.  To enjoy the ride, not beat myself up over what I can’t do yet.  Or ever.  It doesn’t matter.  I committed to riding a board every day, not landing a heel flip in two weeks.

So with my mind in a new place, I laced up my Vans and went for a cruise down my block.  The sun is shining and there’s a breeze in my face.  Frontside, backside, frontside, backside, zig-zagging I went, feeling great.

I headed up the mellow hill a block from my house and took a few laps there before heading back to log in for work.  I did some super fun carves, got some frontside slides in and even felt a backside slide let loose as I leaned hard into my toes.  It kinda surprised me but felt sick!

I got out on a board, stood sideways for a bit, and feel happy because of it.  That’s what it’s all about.

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