Board Meeting Minutes -7/365


Alright! One week of daily board riding under my belt! Feels good! It’s a gorgeous spring morning and I just got back from the school parking lot that I’ve started calling my parking lot. It’s by no means mine, but its where I got back on a skateboard so I think it’s a cool spot. It’s Monday and I had a rough time getting out of bed early today (i.e. I didn’t) I did have a wildly vivid lucid dream as I snoozed though, so that was cool.

While waiting for my painstakingly slow VPN connection to log me in, I couldn’t take looking out the window at the sun any longer. I went to “my parking lot” to roll around. I ordered a helmet that hasn’t shipped yet, so no skate park like I wanted to. It was a good little session of about 20 min though. I practiced ollies some more, which is still very much necessary for me.

I’m glad to have gotten out and moving… and to my despairing delight, my computer screen still had a stupid loading wheel spinning on it. Time well spent in my eyes!

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